Who we are

We Are Bitte was founded in 2017 by Katrine Loug Jagd, who is the mother of three.

In 1979, a family member made an elephant chair in his garage. This chair – now all crooked and with a lot of patina – has given rise to great joy for every single child who has met the elephant. And combined with Katrine’s eye for aesthetics, it led to an update of the chair with clear references to the original design. “Eskild Toddler Chair” was born.

And We Are Bitte was born.

“Bitte” is the pet name of a beloved family member – the little girl whom the original elephant chair was designed for more than 40 years ago. “Bitte” also means “tiny” in Danish, thus linking our name to the small children around us.

By choosing this name, core values like family, tradition, and togetherness become part of our history and DNA.

What we do

At We Are Bitte, we create products for the little ones in our lives - and for their parents. Our products are not only meant to fascinate children but to also accommodate their parents’ wish for a beautiful home.

Our products are designed in Denmark and based on a design tradition that builds on function and craftsmanship, and we create products meant to be passed on for generations – for design as well as quality.

In an ever-changing world where technological development and busy lives create a new normal for spending time together, We Are Bitte salutes slow living, playful moments of life, and close family ties.

To sum it all up, at We Are Bitte we create irresistible products for the modern family.

How we do it

Great design is for us primarily about aesthetics, quality, and functionality, but also very much about sustainability and children’s safety.

This is why all our products are made using only the best materials such as sustainable wood, non-toxic paint, and soft fabrics free of any harmful substances.

And of course, our furniture is tested and meets applicable safety standards to make sure it’s safe for children to use and play with.

All for the sake of our environment and the future and safety of our children.

Founder of We Are Bitte, Katrine Loug Jagd